Review of Marshall Monitor II A.N.C

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Marshall earphones have gained widespread popularity among consumers. Which is not surprising, because they embody a good design and good sound. But many users wanted to get a more professional sound, so the manufacturer released the Monitor model. For a long time she kept the bar high price-quality, but in the current realities there is a rather high demand for headphones with active noise reduction, so Marshall released an updated version, called Monitor II A.N.C. It will be discussed in this review.


Marshall I always liked their attention to detail. The box of the updated version has small dimensions and recognizable style for other devices of the brand. In addition to the headphones, the buyer receives a convenient cotton cover, a USB Type-C charging cable, as well as a classic Marshall twisted cable for wired connection to sound sources.

I liked that with the help of the cable it will be possible to continue listening to music if the built-in battery is exhausted, but alas, without an active noise reduction system.

Design by Marshall Monitor II A.N.C

At first glance, the updated Marshall Monitor II A.N.C completely repeat the appearance of the previous model, but this is not so.