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FairEmail is a privacy-focused email client with a setup wizard that helpfully walks you through the steps to use it with any email provider. 

There are many privacy settings including encryption via OpenPGP and S/MIME and reformatted emails to avoid phishing.It uses a Material Design (including light and dark themes) and comes with many configuration options for the display. 

It also includes configurable swipe gestures and other shortcuts to adjust the app to match your workfl. You can choose to access the Pro features with a one time purchase which helps make the open-source project sustainable.


* Fully featured

* 100 % open source

* Privacy oriented

* Unlimited accounts

* Unlimited email addresses

* Unified inbox

* Conversation threading

 *Two way synchronization

* Offline storage and operations

* Battery friendly

* Low data usage

* Small (~ 12 MB)

* Material design (including dark/black theme)

* Maintained and supported


* Encryption/decryption supported (OpenPGP and S/MIME)

* Reformat messages to prevent phishing

* Confirm showing images to prevent tracking

* Confirm opening links to prevent tracking and phishing

* Automatically recognize and disable tracking images

* Warning if messages could not be authenticated


* Account/identity/folder colors

* Colored stars

* Notification settings (sounds) per account/folder/sender (requires Android 8 Oreo)

* Configurable notification actions

* Snooze messages

* Send messages after selected time

* Synchronization scheduling

* Reply templates

* Accept/decline calendar invitations

* Filter rules

* Search on server

* Keyword management

* S/MIME sign/encrypt

* Biometric authentication

* Unified inbox widget

* Export settings


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