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Ink DVD Writer

Ink is a highly efficient CD & DVD recording software designed to be suitable to any type of...
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Ink is a highly efficient CD & DVD recording software designed to be suitable to any type of user. It’s main focus is making burning data on discs simpler and more pleasant and in this respect it employ a series of wide-ranging features easy to accommodate with.One of Ink’s main characteristics is its speed due to which you can save your data on a physical medium much faster than with most other applications of the ki. On launching Ink you will be prompted a main window displaying 6 different icons right in the center from which to select the type of action you’d like your program to perform (Burn: Data Disc, Audio Disc, Video Disc, Write Image, Copy Disc, Read Disc).

Basically, when you want to store data on CDs or DVDs (or do any of the above actions), you will find that there couldn’t have been a better and easier way to do that than with Ink. All you need to know to use the program flawlessly is there, clearly stated in each icon or option available. From installation to launching and actually using the program, Ink is a trouble-free software built to save you time along with your data and offer quality recording.Ink puts forward a very user-friendly interface with drag-n-drop features and support for dual-layer DVD and also disc images. 

Features Includes support for dual-layer DVDs; Sets custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and allows burning both to physical discs and as disc images; Allows users to create direct disc copies, on the fly or through a temporary disc image; Disc images burning (ISO and BIN/CUE); Several ways to erase rewritable discs; Drag-n-drop; Reads and saves audio and data tracks to files (wav,wma, mp3 and .iso); Displays extended disc data; Scans for errors; Scans the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collects data related to their capabilities; Various project view layouts for numerous modes of projects to simplify the user’s task;Opens and edits previous (saved) projects.


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