Mazey is your team’s or family's collective brain and communication hub and brings order to their communication, knowledge sharing, and task tracking.
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Mazey is your team’s collective brain and communication hub One Place To Know It All Organize your team’s collective knowledge in one, easily accessible place to build a shared understanding and empower everyone to make better decisions.

Sharply Focused Discussions Place your conversations in context. Attach chats directly to notes and tasks to keep them compartmentalized and on-point.Transparent Accountability Make it explicitly clear who’s doing what, by when. Keep your team on task, coordinated and producti. 


Noteboards Share information without it getting lost or overlooked 

Taskboards Assign tasks and track progress across teams 
Broadcast Mode One directional communications with your team. Everyone can view, but only admins can post
Direct Messaging Communicate privately among team members without sharing personal contact details
Administrative Controls Control who can post and view information across your group Teams around the world use Mazey to stay organized and productive.Most popular sectors: Families, StartUps, Retail, Food Services, Hospitality, Emergency Services, Construction, Charity Organizations, Sports Teams / Leagues


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